Eagle Gym Haarlem

Since the start of our 2018 sports season, we’re happy to give our Pencak Silat lessons in the fitness center of Eagle Gym Haarlem, next to the Van Oosten de Bruijnstraat (Jasmijnstraat 1). This fitness center is being run by Dew Jagernath and his co-partner Aniel Kalicharan.
And next to now Pencak Silat, on a daily business lessons are being given in: Thai-Kickboxing, Kickboxing (for) kids, Taekwondo and (boxing) Bagtraining.

Dew Jagernath
Dew Jagernath is not an unknown name in the  martial arts world of Haarlem. And (since 1980) teaches: Taekwondo (5th Dan), Kickboxing, Muay Thai and Bagtraining.
At Eagle Gym everybody’s welcome.
But Dew mainly focuses on the youth, with the goal of keeping them off the streets.
And letting them exercise as much as possible and assisting them.

Aniel Kalicharan
Aniel has been training in Taekwondo since starting at the age of 8. And in the mean time has reached his 4th dan. Next to Taekwondo, he also has more than 20 years of experience in Kickboxing and his current attention lies in teaching.
5 years ago, he has started KickCombat. Which is a new challenge with the main focus on cardio and HIIT exercises on the sports mats and against boxing bags.

Want to know more?!
Then take a look at the  website of Eagle Gym Haarlem.
Where you can find more information and also the current class schedules: http://eagle-gym.nl/
Or send them an e-mail via: info@eagle-gym.nl

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