Jokotole Naga Putih Zutphen-Eefde
Bargeweg 5
7211DC Zutphen/Eefde (De Stuw)
Tel: 06 54781394
Email: Frans Galama en Remy Galama

About the Jokotole Naga Putih Zutphen-Eefde

Father and son Galama are practising Pencak Silat since 1995. Both train at the main school in Haarlem and have visit the headschool in Madura Indonesia.

Follows every week the teacher training in Haarlem. In the recent month of september he has received physical, mental and spiritual training from the head of the Jokotole school, Mr. Suheimy.
Pencak Silat gives him the awareness and makes him being able to use his inner power in a conscious, trained body.
Als a professional soldier, he also experiences the advantages of this sport to use it when he’s in a stressfull or dangerous situation and to handle adequately with action or with non-action.

The lessons of Remy
Are focused on the power and flexibility of the Pencak Silat warrior.
On the enjoyment of developing power and dexterity with effort and discipline.

Since 2009 Frans gives Pencak Silat lessons to the youth and supervisors of Dagelijks Bestaan in Zutphen and on request for the business world.
He is concerned and focused on all kinds of possible entrances and connections where you can walk against during your life (think about the demands of everyday life, society, school and/or work).
The connection and integration of your mind and heart, inside and outside and mind and matter are leading factors in his life and work as a trainer-coach in the business world and in his Pencak Silat lessons.

The lessons of Frans
Frans is a Sambugan teacher, which means that he will make the connection between daily life and traditional wisdom.
In his Pencak Silat lessons, different underlying perspectives make an integral whole.

Combined lessons
The lessons will combined by given by Frans and Remy in alignment of the group.
Due to the different, complementary approach of each other, the lessons will be diverse and challenging.

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