What can we teach you?

At the Jokotole Naga Putih we’ll teach you how to defend yourself.
But next to that, we also learning you how to improve the control over your mind.
Because in a fight, just your own selfcontrol and inner strength can make a fight totally unnecessary.
Our training consists of four components, namely:

  • Olah Raga (the sport)
  • Bela Diri (the selfdefence)
  • Seni (the style)
  • Ilmu/Kebatinan (the training of your mind)

Olah Raga

Training Haarlem

The Olah Raga is the sports section which allows you to train your muscles to become faster, smoother and more powerful. In terms of exercises you may think of:

  • Endurance training
  • Stretching exercises
  • How to break your fall
  • Sparring
  • Punch – and kickexercises (Dassars)

Bela Diri
The Bela Diri self-defense is the form in which you learn to defend yourself against one or multiple opponents. This form consists of three parts:

  • Evading one or multiple opponents
  • Basic exercises
  • The selfdefence in style (Seni)

The Seni or style is the practicing of the traditional character of Pencak Silat.
The style basically comes back in all parts but can also be trained separately. These exercises consist, for example:

Training Haarlem

  • Lankha’s (a battle during which various combat postures are interspersed with techniques)
  • Dasar (conducting in style of different punch and kick combinations)
  • Bela Diri (conducting in style various self-defense techniques)

Ilmu/ Kebatinan
Within the Ilmu / Kebatinan (Indonesian for flower) you will learn to train your senses through various exercises so they can respond more quickly when you’re in an emergency situation. But also you will learn breathing techniques that makes your own mind relax and that will increase your concentration.
And finally you get to know how the Madurese looks at the world, which makes you learn things about their country, the culture and language.

Indonesische Pencak Silat stijl