Jokotole Naga Putih emblem

Jokotole emblemAlmost every Pencak Silat style has their own emblem. This emblem consists of different symbols and texts which all have a certain meaning. Below is the explanation of our emblem.

Perguruan Pencak Silat
This is Indonesian for “Academy for physical development in the Pencak Silat”. Because the Jokotole Naga Putih has played a big role in the development of the current Pencak Silat in Indonesia, our school as one of the few the status of Academy.

This is the name of the legendary Madurese hero who lived about six hundred years ago. Even in his youth, Jokotole experienced many adventures, where he could defeat his adversaries thanks to his martial skills, wisdom and use of magic. Jokotole was able to free Madura from the Chinese and Balinese and was afterwards chosen by the people to be the sovereign of the island.

The Whip
The magical whip of Jokotole was one of the weapons he used to defeat the Chinese magician-prince on Madura. This made the whip the symbol of the Madurese. Did you know that these whips are still being used on Madura during the famous bull runs?

The Gate
The gate of heaven stands for the pursuit of perfection to the student body and mind. De hemelpoort staat voor het streven van de leerling naar perfectie van geest en lichaam. In one of the adventures of Jokotole this gate played a big role where he could only achieve his goal by giving himself completely.

The Stairs
In order to reach perfection, you have to pass five phases (steps). Each step has its own color and the band that you wear as a student indicates on which step you are. The five steps correspond to the five senses. The sixth step is the step to perfection.

This is an old Sanskrit proverb which loosely translated means: “Together we are strong”. This proverb is important for us because we (the school, teachers and students) are strongly linked to each other.

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